AED Solutions considers the well-being of its employees and society as a whole of paramount importance. We work a lot with municipalities, among other things, to make the living environment "Heart-safe". AED solutions supports events from, among others, the Ned. Red Cross through the loan of AEDs. The dressing materials that are out of date go to Stichting Jeugd EHBO. We donate equipment and CPR dolls to a number of charities.

Our business activities take place within the ecological preconditions. Energy consumption is monitored, waste is collected separately and production processes are as economical as possible. We receive many items every day, and many packages are sent every day. To pack these packages, we use as many used packaging materials as possible to reduce residual waste. Several examples are described in the environmental handbook. If desired, we can give you the manual for inspection.

AED Solutions not only looks at the financial performance of the company itself, but also at the economic effects on the environment. AED Solutions is a training company for internships and works with students on various projects. AED Solutions is also a sponsor of various charities. Such as the Roparun, the Rode Kruis Bloesemtocht, Tour du ALS and the World Record CPR and defibrillation of the Dutch Heart Foundation. AED Solutions supplied the 750 CPR dolls and 750 AED trainers here.

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