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AED Combipacks.

For some AED's it is possible that the expiration date of the battery and electrodes are the same. Especially when both accessories have the same life span. Given the same date, some manufacturers offer Combipiacks containing batteries and electrodes. In that way it is often cheaper for the owner when the battery and electrodes of the AED need to be replaced at the same time. 

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Battery & Electrodes

Most important for proper functioning of the AED is that the batteries and electrodes are usable. For the battery of the AED applies that, next to the expiration date, a possible deployment or other things may affect the battery voltage. When the battery voltage of the defibrillator gets too low will the AED indicate so. For the electrodes it is most important that the package is still unpacked. When the electrodes are contained in a closed package that hasn't reached the expiration dat yet, will the electrodes and special gel still be good and the AED can be used safely. 

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