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Training Electrodes.
Type of electrodes.
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AED Training electrodes.

An AED trainer comes with trainingselectrodes as standard. The training electrodes have a special adhesive layer, causing that the electrodes can be used multiple times. Depending on the brand and how careful the electrodes are handled, the training electrodes can be used about 50 to 100 times. The training electrodes look very similar to the real variant causing that the practise is as realistically possible. However, the trainingelectrodes are not able to provide or conduct a shock

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In addition, there are many differences between the electrodes. Some training electrodes have as special sensor, allowing the AED trainer to continue in protocol only when the electrodes are adhered well to the skin of the manikin. Besides, some training electrodes have an extension piece for giving CPR feedback. These features are thus also present on the actual defibrillator and are brand and type depending. 

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