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AED accessories.

For the proper functioning of the AED device it is important that the accessories are ready to use. The necessary accessories ot the AED are the battery, which is places in the AED device and the electrodes, to be stuck on the body. Both the battery and the electrodes have an expiration date, even when the defibrillator will not be deployed. This is due to the fact that the battery loses voltage slowly in stand-by mode and because the adhesive layer of the electrodes will dry out slowly. Depending on the brand and type of type of the AED do the battery and electrodes last approximately 2 up to 5 years. In addition, the electrodes always need to be replaced after a deployment and there is a chance that the battery always needs to be replaced as the voltage level gets too low. 

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Most important for the working of the AED is that the battery and electrodes are still usable. Next to the expiration date have may other things and a possible deployment affect the battery voltage of the AED battery. When the battery level of the defibrillator gets to low the defibrillator will indicate this. Most important for the electrodes is that the package remains closed. When te electrodes are stored in a closed package that hasn't reached the expiration date yet, will the electrodes and the special gel still be proper to use and can the AED be used safely. Always make sure that the defibrillater contains a proper functioning AED and unexpired unopened electrodes. 


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