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AED Devices.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are medical devices that provide a shock to victums suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. There are many different AED's that all serve the same purpose. At AED Solutions we offer AED devices for any budget in order that we can offer every customer the most suitable AED. As master distributor of LIFEPAK do we offer these professional, innovative AED devices in the middle and high segment. But we also like too think along with your for decent, price-friendly AED like the ones from Philips for example. Do you doubt about purchasing an AED device, our AED specialists are happy to get in touch. 

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The AED device

The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been developed continuously and expanded with new technologies for several years now. Everyone who buys an AED is doing well from a social point of view, but the quality and functioning of an AED device have a significant role for the sucess of a resuscitation. Always pay attention to the reliabillity and features of an AED, when purchasing and always get advice from experts to make the best choice, when in doubt. 

AED advice

The AED specialists of AED Solutions are happe to get in touch with you if you want to be adviced or are in doubt between different models. They can advise you about defibrillitors in different situations and know to find the right AED for any situation. In addition, AED Solutions is happy to help you putting together custom solutions for specific or unique situations. Our AED experts are very experienced and have knowledge of heartsafe projects, neigborhood AED projects and specific industrial situations. 

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