Rescue masks.
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Rescue masks.

Rescue masks ensure hygienic rescue breathing during a resuscitation. The rescue mask will be placed over the mouth and nose of a victim and will prevent direct contact between the patiënts mouth, nose and face and the rescue helper. Most rescue masks contain a one way valve, allowing rescuers to provide rescue breathings with an ui-directional air flow from rescuer to victim only. We recommend any AED administrator to store an rescue mask near the defibrillator or in the AED cabinet. 

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Which type of rescue masker is suitable?

There are different types and sizes of rescue masks. Masks in keychain size (kiss of life) are ideal for civil rescue helpers to always take along. So that the civil helper always has a rescue mask when called for a resuscitation, even in the unexpected event there is no rescue mask stored near the AED. Next tot the kiss of life masks in keychain size, there are slightly larger portable models available for, for example, the belt or carrying strap.

The rescue masks that are generally stored near the AED are often largere en are kept in a hard or soft case to be protected against dirt, moistere and dust. Also, these are often more sturdy and are not placed only over the mouth but over the nose as well. Do you work with younger children a lot, than it is possible to choose for special smaller sized rescue masks for usage on children. These fit better on a smaller face causing that less air is lost during the rescue breathings. 

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