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AED Batteries.

AED devices in general work using batteries. Due to these batteries,  AED's can regularly perform self tests and have enough voltage to provide multiple shocks. The lifespan of an AED battery is differen for each type of AED and lies between the 2 and 5 years. However, there are several things that affect the expiration date of the battery. A battery can loose voltage due to a deployment, for example. It is important to replace a battery in time to keep a defibrillator working well.

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Battery and AED model

Every brand and/or type of AED has a specific battery, so please pay attention that you get the right battery for your AED type while purchasing a battery. The Lifespan of an AED battery is different for each type of AED and is between the 2 and 5 years. However, the expiry date may be shorter than expected due to weather influences and the deployment of an AED. A defibrillator often has a status indicator for the battery voltage and also gives a warning when the voltage gets too low. The battery should be replaced as soon as possible when this is the case. 

Battery Lifespan

In addition, the lifespan of the battery depends on the 'Install Before' date of the battery, this is the final date of placement in the AED. The battery life start from this date. This date is mentioned on the batteries because they can also lose some battery voltage wil laying on the warehouse shelve. 

For some models of AED devices the shelf life of the battery is the same as the shelf life of the electrodes. With these models of AED devices, the manufacturer may offer a combination pack that allows that the battery and electrodes can be replaced at the same time. Always make sure that the Defibrillato has a functioning battery and unopened set of electrodes. 

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