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Prestan Lung bags.

Prestan uses specifically designed lung bags that function as the lungs of the CPR manikin. The lung can be replaced easily throught the mouth of the CPR manikin and be attached to the head. Due to the unique designed system to open the the chest of the manikin, the lungs can be put on the right place. When the lungs are used al lot or are (unexpectedly) polluted, these can be replaced quickly and easily. The Prestan lung bags are priced very economic friendly and are available in sets of 50 pieces. 

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Affordable en effective

Prestan uses affordable plastic lung bags to serve as lungs. The lung bags can be replaced easily in case of any pollution. The lungs will make the chest/thorax rise, to realistically practise providing ventilations to a victim. The sizes of the lung bags differ for each manikin, making the amount of air to be blown in as realistic as possible. 

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