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AED Trainers.

AED Trainers are AED devices that simulate the working of the an AED without giving a shock. Many manufacturers make a training model of the actual AED devices, so that the use of the device can be practised. In addition, there are universal AED Trainers that can be used to train persons to use an AED in general. These AED trainers are more affordable and thus ideal to train in bigger groups with multiple AED trainers. 

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Universal AED Trainers

Universal AED trainers are not tied to a specific brand or type of AED device. Therefore they are suitable to practise the deployment of an AED. In addition, universal AED trainers often offer the possibility to set multiple features, causing thatthe working of many types of AED devices can be simulated. Furthermore, different scenario's can be set, causing that the different body reactions can be simulated too. For example, it can be set when the AED needs to shock and when no shock is needed, it should therefore be resuscitated by the rescue helper. 

Brand and type specific AED Trainers

Does your organisation use one type of AED device (on multiple locations) as standard, it may be desirable to also practise using this type. That's why manufacturers make an AED trainer from the AED's they put on the market. The benefit of these AED trainers is that the person who practises with it also has a big chance to use the same model in real life. The visual aspects and the feeling are therefore the same during practise as in an actual emergency situation and this may be in the advantage of the (unexperienced) rescue helpers. 

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