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AED Wall brackets.

AED Wall brackets are made to hang the AED device indoor in a room with less to none environmental factors. Wall brackets are therefore very suitable for storing of the AED in office buildings, behind the reception or in the enterance of an (apartment) building. By using a wall bracket does the AED hang better recognisable and often better visible too. 

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Are AED Wall brackets universal?

Most brands have a special wall bracket for the brand or per type of AED. There are also some universal wall brackets available that can be used in combination with (almost) any type of AED. AED Solutions offers its own universal wall bracket at an affordable price. Depending on the wishes of the custome, we can have a look at what AED wall bracket would be most suitable. 

Would you like advise about AED Wall brackets?

AED Solutions' product specialistst would like to advice you about the most suitable storage option for your AED. Depending on the hanging situation and the preference of the owner, our specialist can always make a suitable offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for advice. 

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