Anti choking trainer.
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ACT Fast Anti Choking trainer.

The anti chocking trainer is a unique designed trainer for practising to provide first aid for choking. Due to the trainer, the back blows and adbominal thrust maneuver can be practised, which are mandatory protocols in the training courses of the Red Cross and the ERC (European Resuscitation Council).

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Unique design

Due tot the unique designed air blatter on the front side of the anti choking vest can the abdominal thrust maneuver (Heimlich) be practised. When the student perforst the manoever well, a plug will shoot from the air blatter. The back of the vest contains a slap pad to practise the back blows between the shoulder blades. The anti choking trainer is available in both an adult as children's model. The ACT Fast children's trainer is very suitable to use in first aid lessons with children or providing first aid to children. 

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