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AED Outdoor cabinets.

An outdoor AED cabinet offers extra protection for the AED when haninging outdoor. In any case, the cabinet ensures that the AED hangs dry and also offers protection for the changing temperatures. Outdoor AED cabinets are more robust and offer a better protection than indoor cabinets. The AED outdoor cabinet also offer recognisability for the rescue helper making it easier to find, especially when it is equipped with ligting in the darkness. 

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Extra options AED outdoor cabinet

Outdoor AED cabinets can be expanded with a fan or heating element causing that the defibrillator is also protected against more extreme temperatures. Some manufacturers have pre-equipped some of the cabinet models with a heating element already. In addition, the outdoor AED cabinets are dust-free, so that it also offer protection to the difibrillator on construction sites or industrial outdoor areas. 

An AED cabinet ensures that the AED is shielded, so that something can happen to the device less quickly. A cabinet also offers impact protetion. All this increases the chance that the AED device is ready for use. In addition, there is often plenty of room in the cabinet for a breathing mask or complete First responder kit, which is useful for quickly and safely providing assistance with resuscitation and hygienic treatment of the victim. 

Would you like advise about outdoor AED cabinets?

AED Solutions' product specialistst would like to advice you about the most suitable storage option for your AED. Depending on the hanging situation and the preference of the owner, our specialist can always make a suitable offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for advice. 

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