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AED service and maintenance.

An AED hast to be ready to use in case of emergency. Consequently it is very important ot regularly maintain your AED. You can choose between three different contracts types with us; annual, three-year or five-year service and maintenance. Also, you can choose to provide your AED with one-time maintenance. Each contract type has its own specific features allowing you to always choose a contract that fits you. Below you can find an overview of the different service and maintanence contracts that we offer. 

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AED maintanance

It is vital that you can rely on your AED when one of your loved ones, neighbors or colleagues goes into cardiac arrest. In general, most of the AED's work with self tests allowing you to see if the device has a malfunction at a glance. For some types like the LIFEPAK CR2 AED you'll receive notifications via mail immidiately when the AED is not ready to use. Next to these self tests we recommond to provide periodical maintainance to an AED to guarantee the working of the AED. Periodical maintenance consists amongs others of replacement of the battery and electrodes, do software updates, test the power release doing simulation shocks and clearing internal errerors.


At AED Solutions we do understand well that it can be difficult for you to choose the best form of maintenance to keep your AED's ready to use. When you are doubting your choice or want advice about the maintenance situation our AED specialists are happy to help you. The product specialists of AED Soluations have years of experience and can tell you exactly which solution is the best for your situation. For advice and questions please feel free to contact us

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