AED for your neigbourhood.

Every week, about 300 people in the Netherlands suffer a cardiac arrest outside the hospital. Of these, about 70% ot the cases take place in the residential environment. Now, depending on the location, an average of 10% is estimated to survive. Attaching an AED and starting CPR within 6 minutes increases the victim's chance of survival. By setting up the the so-called 6 minute zones, many extra lives can be saved. AED Solutions supports neighbourghoods and residential areas with setting up these 6-minute zones for a (heart)safe neighbourhood. 

    “An AED in your neighbourhood increases the heartsafety of yourself, your loved ones and your neighours”

Do you want to buy an AED with your neighbourhood? Our AED specialists are happy to advise you about the features of the different types of AED's, AED cabinets and the necessary AED maintenance. We support our customers throughout the entire process, from information request to the aftercare after purchasing an AED.

AED Solutions takes care of your neighbourhood by:

  • Advice for the choice of a suitable AED, depending on the wishes, placement and budget. 
  • Advice on choosing the ideal location to hang the AED. 
  • The choice of an AED cabinet or wall bracket for optimal protection and recognition of the AED. 
  • Periodical maintenance of the AED and the accessories.
  • An information session for the neighbours about the AED and how alerting works, is one of the possibilities.

We are also happy to help you on your way with financing the AED. For example, we can give support with starting a fundraising for the AED package. 

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