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Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) are a medical technological lifesaving resource for sudden cardiac arrest victims. Before the professional aid workers are present can civil aid workers help a sudden cardiac arrest victim by providing CPR and using an AED. By starting the resuscitation within 6 minutes and using an AED device will the survival rate of the victim increases up to 70%. Here applies that the faster CPR is started and the faster an AED is deployed, the greater the chance is that the resuscitation is successful. You can find the AED's of the leading brands at AED Solutions.  

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Battery and electrodes

An AED device works using a battery. Due to the battery, the AED device performs self tests regularly and has enough voltage to provide multiple schocks during a resuscitation. In addition, the AED needs electrodes to be able to provide a shock. The most AED models contain pre-connected electrodes, in order that these only need to be unpacked and splaced before deployment. Batteries and electrodes have a minimal lifespan of 2 up to 5 years. To guarantee the working of the AED, both the electrodes and the battery need to be replaced before the expiration date. Besides, the battery needs to be replaced when the indicator at the AED tells to and the electrodes need to be replaced when the package has been opened in the meantime. The electrodes are packed airtight in fact and will loose their adhesive power making that the pads can't be deployed anymore. 

AED maintenance

For the proper functioning of the AED, it is important that the AED is provided with the correct maintenance regularly. During the maintenance the most important functions of the defibrillator will be checked and software updates will be done when necessary. In addition, it is possible to let the replacement of the accessories take place during the maintenance. AED Solutions is one of the leading companies regarding maintenance in the Netherlands. Our service engineers can do maintenance to your AED device both on your location as in our service center, depending on your wishes. 


Do you doubt about the right heartsafe AED Solution for your situation? Our AED experts are happy to get in touch when you want to be adviced or are doubting between different models or options. Our employees can give you advice about defibrillator in multiple situations and know to offer the right AED for any user situation. In addition, AED Solutions is happy to help you putting together custom solutions for specific or unique situations. Our AED experts are very experienced and have knowledge of heartsafe projects, neigborhood AED projects and specific industrial situations. 

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