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Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) are a medical technological lifesaving tool for victims of cardiac arrest. Before professional help arrives, bystanders can assist a victim of cardiac arrest through CPR and the use of an AED. Starting CPR and using an AED within the first 6 minutes increases the survival chances of a victim by up to 70%. It is crucial to note that the sooner CPR is initiated and an AED is deployed, the higher the likelihood of a successful resuscitation. At AED Solutions, you can find AEDs from the most reputable brands.

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Battery and electrodes

An AED device operates based on a battery. The battery allows the AED device to perform regular self-tests and provides sufficient power to deliver shocks during resuscitation. In addition, an AED requires electrodes to deliver a shock. In most AED models, the electrodes are already attached to the AED, so they only need to be unpacked and applied during use. Both batteries and electrodes have a minimum shelf life of two to five years. It is crucial for the proper functioning of the AED that both the battery and electrodes are replaced before their respective expiration dates. Moreover, a battery should be replaced when indicated by the AED device, and electrodes must be replaced immediately if the packaging is opened prematurely. Electrodes are airtight, and once opened, they will lose their adhesive properties, rendering them unusable during an emergency.

AED maintenance

To ensure the proper functioning of the AED, regular maintenance is essential. During maintenance, the key functions of the defibrillator are checked, and software updates are performed as needed. Additionally, accessory replacements can be carried out during maintenance. AED Solutions is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands specializing in maintenance. Our technicians can perform maintenance on your AED device either on-site or at our service center, depending on your preferences.


If you are unsure about the right heart-safe AED solution for your situation, our AED experts are ready to assist. Whether you need advice on different models or options, our staff can guide you in choosing the appropriate defibrillator for various scenarios. AED Solutions also collaborates to create customized solutions for specific or special situations. Our AED experts are highly experienced and familiar with heart-safe projects, community AED initiatives, and specific industrial settings.

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