CR Plus semi-automatic.

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Artikelnummer 80403-000232
Ease of use
Semi or fully-automatic Semi-automatic
For pediatric usage Pediatric electrodes
Multilingual No
IP value IPx4
Certification FDA
Selftest battery capacity Daily
Seftest capacitor frequency Daily
Selftest functionality electrodes None
Remote monitoring No
Asystolic sensitivity 80 microvolts
Schock protocol Fixed ascending
Therapeutic range shocks 200-300-360 J
Pacemaker detection Yes
Type of electrodes Adult Baby/child
CPR assistance
Metronome No
CPR feedback No
CPR instruction No
Analysis during CPR No
15:2 protocol for CPR to children No
Warranty & lifespan
AED warranty 8 years
Battery lifespan 2 years
Lifespan electrodes 2 years

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Satisfied customer warranty The AED Specialist > 30.000 AED’s delivered From € 50 free shipping
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