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Mindray AED's.

The pursuit of Mindray is to make health care more accessible by developing more effective medical technologies. Mindray introduced its second AED for non-professional rescuers in 2019. These AED's can be used by anyone to react to a sudden cardiac arrest regardless of the user experiance and the location. The three Mindray defibrillators on the Dutch market are the Mindray BeneHeart D1 and Mindray BeneHeart C-series, with the models C1A and C2. 

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Mindray has been founded in 1991 and since has grown to a worldwide supplier of medical devices.  

Mindray BeneHeart D1

The Mindray BeneHeart D1 AED has been available in the Netherlands for several years and is known as very user friendly AED. Due to the LED display on the defibrillator can the BeneHeart D1 AED to give both visible and audible instructions to the helper. As the brightness and the volume of the display and the volume of spoken instructions can be adjusted, is the AED usable in various environments. The Mindray BeneHeart D1 defibrillator is always multilangual and therefore very suitable for usage in international locations. 

Mindray BeneHeart C-Series

The newest Mindray BeneHeart C-seris is the successor of the BeneHeart D1 AED. The C-series is available with (BeneHeart C2) and without (BeneHeart C1A) display for support and instructions. The Mindray BeneHeart C-series distinguishes itself from the Beneheart D1 through that these AED's have additional protection in forms of the lid. In addition, the BeneHeart C-series has a shorter tim until the first shock. Besides will the C-series AED's automatically adjust the quantity and speed of the instructions to the speed of the helper due to the built-in ResQnavi technology. When the helper needs more time till the next step, the instructions will becom more detailled to prevent making mistakes. 

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