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Proud of our ISO 9001 Certificate 20-12-2023 AED Solutions officially received the ISO Certification 9001 in December 2019. The ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard in the field of quality management, serving as a benchmark for transparency and reliability in the market. With ISO 9001 quality management, AED Solutions ensures th […] Read more 06-10-2023 […] Read more An AED for your neighborhood? 22-09-2023 On Saturday, September 23, various initiatives will take place all over the Netherlands for Neighbor Day. This is the perfect opportunity to think about how heart-safe your street or neighborhood is. Because we understand that the choice can be overwhelming, we have put together a special package fo […] Read more 15-09-2022 […] Read more 27-07-2022 […] Read more 18-07-2022 […] Read more 13-07-2022 […] Read more 23-06-2022 […] Read more 30-05-2022 […] Read more 18-05-2022 […] Read more 17-05-2022 […] Read more 11-04-2022 […] Read more 07-04-2022 […] Read more 30-03-2022 […] Read more 17-03-2022 […] Read more 23-02-2022 […] Read more 16-02-2022 […] Read more 11-02-2022 […] Read more 02-02-2022 […] Read more 13-01-2022 […] Read more 11-01-2022 […] Read more 20-12-2021 […] Read more 08-12-2021 […] Read more 06-12-2021 […] Read more 02-12-2021 […] Read more 29-11-2021 […] Read more 29-11-2021 […] Read more 01-11-2021 […] Read more 18-10-2021 […] Read more 29-09-2021 […] Read more 27-09-2021 […] Read more 21-09-2021 […] Read more 13-09-2021 […] Read more 08-09-2021 […] Read more 02-09-2021 […] Read more 28-07-2021 […] Read more 19-07-2021 […] Read more 24-06-2021 […] Read more 23-06-2021 […] Read more 17-06-2021 […] Read more 15-06-2021 […] Read more 14-06-2021 […] Read more 09-06-2021 […] Read more 02-06-2021 […] Read more 26-05-2021 […] Read more 20-05-2021 […] Read more 17-05-2021 […] Read more 05-05-2021 […] Read more 04-05-2021 […] Read more 26-04-2021 […] Read more 26-04-2021 […] Read more 21-04-2021 […] Read more 06-04-2021 […] Read more 24-03-2021 […] Read more 23-03-2021 […] Read more 02-03-2021 […] Read more 22-02-2021 […] Read more 15-02-2021 […] Read more 11-02-2021 […] Read more 08-02-2021 […] Read more 01-02-2021 […] Read more 20-01-2021 […] Read more 14-01-2021 […] Read more 11-01-2021 […] Read more 17-12-2020 […] Read more 17-12-2020 […] Read more 15-12-2020 […] Read more 23-11-2020 […] Read more 21-11-2020 […] Read more 16-11-2020 […] Read more 05-11-2020 […] Read more 02-11-2020 […] Read more 26-10-2020 […] Read more 20-10-2020 […] Read more 16-10-2020 […] Read more 13-10-2020 […] Read more 05-10-2020 […] Read more 29-09-2020 […] Read more 21-09-2020 […] Read more 01-09-2020 […] Read more 25-08-2020 […] Read more 23-07-2020 […] Read more 09-07-2020 […] Read more 06-07-2020 […] Read more 02-07-2020 […] Read more 25-06-2020 […] Read more 22-06-2020 […] Read more 22-06-2020 […] Read more 11-06-2020 […] Read more 10-06-2020 […] Read more 28-05-2020 […] Read more 20-05-2020 […] Read more 23-04-2020 […] Read more 21-04-2020 […] Read more 20-04-2020 […] Read more 14-04-2020 […] Read more 07-04-2020 […] Read more 30-03-2020 […] Read more 26-03-2020 […] Read more 25-03-2020 […] Read more 24-03-2020 […] Read more How to claim the costs for the direct use of an AED? 23-03-2020 Since January 1, 2018, organizations, foundations, companies, supermarkets, and sports clubs have been able to claim the costs for the direct use of an AED. The Minister of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS) allocates a budget to reimburse the consumable costs of the AED after a resuscitation. Befo […] Read more 13-03-2020 […] Read more 10-03-2020 […] Read more 09-03-2020 […] Read more 02-03-2020 […] Read more 19-02-2020 […] Read more 12-02-2020 […] Read more 06-02-2020 […] Read more New Director Takes the Helm at AED Solutions 08-01-2020 Maurice Volleberg became the new director of AED Solutions on January 1, 2020, taking over from the founder and owner, Rob Henderikx, who started the company in 2006. Maurice shared his thoughts: "I am extremely proud of this appointment and the trust I have been given. I have held various r […] Read more 05-01-2020 […] Read more Our best wishes! 23-12-2019 We would like to sincerely thank you for your trust over the past year and look forward to serving you again next year. We wish everyone joyful holidays and a wonderful start to 2020! Please note that our office will be closed on the 1st and 2nd of Christmas and on New Year's Day. […] Read more Is your AED in need of replacement? 20-12-2019 Is your automatic external defibrillator (AED) in need of replacement? It's one of the most critical safety tools in your company and can save a life in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. While not everyone can be saved in such situations, studies have shown that early use of a defibrillator […] Read more HartslagSamen: Connecting After a Cardiac Resuscitation 19-12-2019 HartslagSamen is an initiative by HartslagNu and serves as an online platform for connections following a cardiac arrest. Through HartslagSamen, you can connect with other individuals involved in a resuscitation effort and find answers to your questions related to what you may experience after a car […] Read more AED Solutions supplies LIFEPAK CR2 AEDs to Coop. 06-12-2019 Coop and the Dutch Red Cross Launch Deployment of Hundreds of AEDs Experience has shown that the chances of survival increase by 50% when an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is readily available. Coop customers are actively contributing to acquiring AEDs for their communities. The goal is t […] Read more Visit us at the Vakbeurs Facilitair 04-12-2019 AED Solutions is making its fifth consecutive appearance at the Facilities and Building Management Trade Fair this year. During the trade fair, we are excited to update our visitors on the latest technologies related to our AED models (which enhance survival rates) and Occupational Emergency Respons […] Read more 5,000 Additional Public AEDs Needed in the Netherlands 08-10-2019 5,000 Additional Public AEDs Needed in the Netherlands The Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) has stated that an additional 5,000 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are needed to establish a comprehensive emergency response network in the Netherlands for cases of cardiac arrest. The org […] Read more New Insights into the 'Chain of Survival' During ERC Congress 02-10-2019 When someone experiences a sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, there are a series of consecutive actions that can increase the chances of the victim's survival. This is known as the "Chain of Survival" concept, a term first introduced by the American Heart Association in 1991 […] Read more Farewell to the CR Plus After Years of Loyal Service 06-09-2019 After years of faithful service and hundreds of successful deployments, it is time to bid farewell to one of the most renowned figures in the field of AEDs. The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED, introduced in 2002, is retiring with well-deserved honors. In an interview with AED Magazine, the CR Plus shared th […] Read more The Municipality of Eindhoven is relocating an AED from indoors to outdoors. 09-04-2019 Mayor Jorritsma of Eindhoven has installed the first municipal AED (Automated External Defibrillator) outside the Eindhoven City Hall. This marks the first AED in the city center that is available 24/7 for civilian responders. The Eindhoven Heart Safe Foundation is dedicated to making the entire cit […] Read more 18-03-2019 […] Read more Prestan Adult Torso now with even clearer feedback 21-01-2016 The Prestan CPR manikins feature the familiar feedback system you are aware of. Through LED lights, the trainee receives immediate feedback on compression depth and compression rate. The CPR manikins, as you know them, clearly indicate when the compression rate is too low (below 100, the orange ligh […] Read more
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