AED for your club.

Every year, about 17.000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital. This can hapen in or around the house, but also in sports facilities or on a sports field. Providing CPR and diffibrilation within the first 6 minutes in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest offers a greater chance of survival. An ambulance needs an average of 8 to 10 minutes to reach the victim of a cardiac arrest. Civil emergency helpers are on average 2.5 minutes faster on site than the ambulance. With the result that a shock with an AED can be delivered faster. And that will give a better chance of survival. By having an AED present, your members can safely practise their favorite sport and/or hobby. 

In addition, clubs and sports facilities have a social function. Because they are often located in or near residential area's, the AED of the club can also be made available for emergency calls in the neighbourhood and direct enviroment. The purchase of an AED is a possible lifesaving investment which is often overlooked. Even while the AED is a tool that can save the lives of your members, volunteers, spectators and local residents. 

Our AED specialists advise clubs about the charasteristics of the different types of AED's, AED cabinets and the necessary AED maintenance. We also think along with the possibilites for a joint purchase of the AED. For example, clubs that share an accomodation can buy an AED together or nearby facilities can be involved in the plan. 

AED Solutions takes care of your club by:

  • Advice for the choice of a suitable AED, depending on the wishes, placement and budget. 
  • Advice on choosing the ideal location to hang the AED. 
  • The choice of an AED cabinet or wall bracket for optimal protection and recognition of the AED. 
  • Periodical maintenance of the AED and the accessories.
  • An information session for the members and other people involved about the AED and how alerting works, is one of the possibilities

If desired, we also help clubs to put together a complete package of first aid materials for both the club house as portable materials to use on the place of action, such as near the field or next to the track. 

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