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AED Cabinets & Wall brackets.

AED Cabinets and wall brackets are made to store you AED safely and clearly visible. AED cabinets and wall brackets are available in multiple designs and sizes. A wall bracket is used to hang or put on the AED indoors. AED Cabinets can be used both indoors and outdoors to provide extra visability for the AED but also to provide protection to the AED. Especially againg the changing weather influences, moisture and/or (large amounts of) dust. 

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Universal AED cabinet and options to add

Most AED cabinets are universal, meaning that almonst any model AED device can be placed in it. However, there is a difference in robustness between the AED cabinets, there are specific AED indoor and outdoor cabinets. The difference between the AED cabintes is mainly in the dust and water resistance to protect the AED. In addition, the cabinet can be extended with heating or ventilation to manage the temperature and with several securtiy options. Below you can find the different options that can be added to the AED cabinets, often the options can be combined:

  1. Heating, to protect against long lasting cold temperatures.
  2. Ventialtion, to cool the cabinet down in the heat.
  3. Alarm, so that the surroundings can hear when the cabinet is opened.
  4. Padlock, to close the AED cabinet. 
  5. Combination lock, to close the AED cabinet, called for emergency helpers receive the combinatio via HartslagNu.
  6. Pull tight seals, the AED cabinet has been open when the seal is broken.
  7. Lighting, for a better visible AED cabinet in the darkness.

Prefer an AED wall bracket?

Wall brackets are often used indoors to hang the AED clearly visible. Most brands and/or models AED's have a specific wall bracket. Also, there are several universal wall brackets available, suitable for almost any AED device. Depending on the Wall bracket model, the AED can be placed on top of it, been hung on or clamped in between. 

Do you want advice about the different AED storage options?

AED Solutions' product specialists are happy to advice you about the most suitable storage option for your AED. Depending on the strorage situation, preference of the owner, our specialists can always make a suitable offer. Do you alreay know wht you want? Please order the AED cabinet of choice immidiately in the webshop!

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