AED for the HOA.

To increase the own safety and the safety of the immidiate residents, we increasingly notice that owners' associations (HOA) are getting together to buy an AED. Choosing the best suitable AED can be difficult, especially when it's for the benefit of several people. At AED Solutions we have a lot of experience with AED devices for owners associations and neighbourhood projects. Our AED experts are happy to advise you to find a suitable AED package. You can request a free product demonstration on our homepage

The AED specialists of AED Solutions will give an explanation about the different types of AED devices and functions, allowing you to make a decision more easily. They will also explain the various possibilities for hanging and maintaining the AED. On location, it is possible to have a look to find the best location for the AED and to see what is necessary for hanging the AED device here safely and visibly. By making an combination of an AED device, AED cabinet or wall bracket and possibly an AED maintenance contract, we can completely unburden your owners association regarding the AED field. 

AED Solutions takes care of your HOA by:

  • Advice for the choice of a suitable AED, depending on the wishes, placement and budget. 
  • Advice on choosing the ideal location to hang the AED. 
  • The choice of an AED cabinet or wall bracket for optimal protection and recognition of the AED. 
  • Periodical maintenance of the AED and the accessories.
  • An information session for the HOA with an explanation about the AED and how alerting works, is one of the possibilities.
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