First responder kits.
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First Responder Kit.

A first responder kit is a set of necessities that a rescue helper can use to resuscitate safe and fast, possibly using an AED. This kit is often stored with the AED in the AED cabinet or attached to/put in the carrying bag of the AED. By using the set, a victim can be helped as effective as possible, the electrodes can be stuch properley and the ventilations can be performed in a hygienic way. Due to the velcro, the first responder kit can be easily attached to a handle, carrying bag or strap of the AED device, eleminating the need for an extra hand while carrying the defibrillator. Besides, in all the hectic surrounding a resuscitation, you won't forget to take the rescue kit with you and will always have all the necessities at your disposal during a resuscitation.

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AED Solutions' First Responder Kit

At AED Solutions we do use our own First Responder Kit which comes in a striking blue nylon bag. The bag can be easily attached to the handle of the AED due to the velcro strap. The First responder kit of AED Solutions contains:

  • Rescue mask
  • Clothing scissors
  • Emergency blanket gold/silver
  • Razor blade
  • Gloves
  • A cloth for wiping clean
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