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Heads Prestan CPR manikins.

When only the head of the Prestan CPR manikin needs to be replaced, you can order these seperately here. It is possible to purchase one replacement head, but the heads are also available as 4-pack, to renew your entire CPR package at the same time. 

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Prestan replacement parts

Replacement (chest) skins, replacment faces and replacement heads are available for the exterior/appearance of the CPR manikin. The replacement parts are available in different sizes to fit seamlessly with your type of CPR manikin. In addition, the feedback monitor and the clicker mechanism are available as separate parts for inside the CPR manikins too. The clicker mechanism is available both seperately or in a compression kit with chest plate, depending on what is exactly broken. Each manikin model has it's own replacement parts in the correct sizes. 

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