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Type of electrodes.
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AED Electrodes.

By placing the AED electrodes on the body of the victim, the AED analyzes the victim's heart rhythm. When the rhythm is shockable, the electrodes will give a signal to the AED that a shock can be provided or will automatically be providen (fully automatic AED). On the electrodes is clearly illustraded how they need to be sticked. If the electrodes are universal, they will contain different images for the placement on adult victims or placement on pediatric patients (infant or child victim). Most defibrillators use pre-connected sets of electrodes, meaning that the electrodes are already connected to the AED and can be used immidiately. 

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Lifespan electrodes

The lifespan of AED electrodes is different for each AED type. Always be aware that the AED electrodes are not experid en unopened. The special gel on the electrodes may dry out because the electrodes are old or when the package is torn. When the gel of the electrodes becomes poriys, may the gel crumble loose and will the electrodes not be able to make good contact with the skin. With the result that the AED cannot perform a proper heart rhythm analysis well leading, causing that the AED can't continue in resuscitation protocol. It is important to always replace the pads after a deployment, next to the fact that it's not hygienic, it is also because of the chance that the gel can dry out. This also applies when the AED electrodes are opened but not used due to the circumstances. 

Types of electrodes

The AED electrodes will be placed different on an adult victim than on a victim below the 8 years (up to 25kg). On an adult victim will one pad be placed on the right chest, just below the collarbone and the other pad will be placed to the side at the bottom left. For children, the first electrode is placed in the middle of the chest and the other electrode is placed at the same height on the back. Please pay attention that in the case of defibrillation on a infant/child victim, universal or special pediatric electrodes are used. This will lower the power level of the delivered shock. With universal electrodes, the AED will often have a infant/child-button for this. Using universal or pediatric electrodes is not mandatory, but it is desired to prevent collateral damage as much as possible. In the unlikely event that you find yourself in the situation where you have to resuscitate an infant or child and there is only an AED availble with adult electrodes and/or protocol only, it is recommended that you will start CPR using the adult electrodes. 

For the newer models of AED devices the shelf life of the battery is often the same as the shelf life of the electrodes. With these models of AED devices, the manufacturer may offer a combination pack that allows that the battery and electrodes can be replaced at the same time. Always make sure that the Defibrillato has a functioning battery and unopened set of electrodes. 

Do you have questions or would you like advice about AED Electrodes? Please contact us or schedule a meeting with one of AED Solutions' AED specialists.

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