Closing mechanisms.
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Closing mechanisms.

To secure your AED may it be convenient to be able to loch the AED cabinet. There are multiple manners to close the AED cabinet. AED Solutions advices to not lock your cabinet as theft of the AED device and vandalism are becoming less common. Do you still want to lock your AED cabinet or be able to see that it has been opened? AED Solutions offer various locks and pull seals for this. 

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The advice of AED Solutions

AED Solutions recommends to hang every AED unlocked when possible. Other renowned organizations int the field of heart safety, such as the Heart association, the Red Cross and many cardiologists, also advise this. Our AED specialists have years of experience en do know many different solutions for storing methods in different situation. Do you want advice or do you have a question? The employees of AED Solutions are happy to assist you. Please contact us for more information.

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