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Prestan Faceshields.

Prestan Faceshields are an affordable option to hygienically provide rescue breathings during the resuscitation practise. By giving each student it's own faceshield,   the mouth/face of the manikin doesn't have to be cleaned after every students turn with alcohol wipes, for example. Prestan Faceshields are custom made for every manikin type and can be easily attached to the side of the head. Causing that the breathing filter is placed right over the mouth of the manikin. 

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Hygienic & effective

The Facesheilds are made of a thin plastic sheet that is placed over the lower part of the face. In the center the sheet contains a breathing filter that is placed right over the mouth of the CPR manikin. This allows the student to provide rescue breathings as usual, without having direct contact with the manikin. When every student uses his or her own Faceshiels, the manikin doesn't need to be cleaned inbetween students and the lungbags will last multiple times. 

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