LP1000 semi-automatic AED with ECG.

The LIFEPAK 1000 AED is one of the most powerfull and robust defibrillators on the market. The many configuration options this semi automatic defibrillator especially suitable to be used by trained emergancy responders. The LCD display can also be used to show extensive ECG displays for professional aid workers. 

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The LIFEPAK 1000 AED is one of the most robust and advanced AED devices on the market. The AED can easily be programmed to the desires of the owner using the many different options and make it possible to grow with the future developments regarding CPR protocols. The big bright LCD screen shows clear images and text. Besides the graphics, the screen offers a ECG display for professional aid workers. This LIFEPAK 1000 can handle freezing and hot temperatures really well and is therefor really suitable to be used in any situation, also due to the high water and dust tightness. 

In addition, the LIFEPAK 1000 AED has the ability to load the shock on the background, allowing the responder to resuscitate for a longer time. The aid worker is also able to cancel the adviced shock of the LIFEPAK 1000, this function is made for professional emergancy responders only.  

This is what you'll get:

  • The LIFEPAK 1000 AED with ECG display
  • LIFEPAK 1000 battery
  • 2 sets of adult Quick-Combo electrodes
  • 3-lead ECG cable
  • Softshell carrying bag


Artikelnummer 99425-000109
Language Dutch
Asystolic sensitivity 80 microvolts
Schock protocol Fixed ascending
Therapeutic range shocks 200-300-360 J
Pacemaker detection Yes
Type of electrodes Adult Baby/child
Ease of use
Semi or fully-automatic Semi-automatic
For pediatric usage Pediatric electrodes
Multilingual No
IP value IP55
Certification FDA
Selftest battery capacity Daily
Seftest capacitor frequency Daily
Selftest functionality electrodes Daily
Remote monitoring No
CPR assistance
Metronome No
CPR feedback No
CPR instruction No
Analysis during CPR No
15:2 protocol for CPR to children No
Warranty & lifespan
AED warranty 5 years
Battery lifespan 5 years
Lifespan electrodes 2 years

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LP1000 semi-automatic AED with ECG. € 2.640,00
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