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AED Plus fully-automatic.

The Zoll AED Plus fully automatic AED gives the shock itself when the AED finds it necessary after analysis. Furthermore, the Zoll AED Plus is known for the firm housing and the unique Zoll CPR feedback system. The AED gives real-time feedback about the compression depth and frequency in combination with the CPR-D electrodes.

€ 1.295,00 Excl. VAT
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The Zoll AED Plus fully automatic AED has a firm housing to protect de AED device. The high dust and water resistance (IP 55) make the AED very suitable for use in any location. In addition, the battery and electrodes have a long lifespan of approximately five years. Because the parts need to be replaced only once during the AED lifetime, the Zoll AED Plus is a defibrillator with low maintenance costs. But please be aware of extra costs when the AED has been deployed. 

Furthermore, the Zoll AED Plus is one of the few AEDs that gives real-time CPR feedback. The AED provides feedback about the depth and rate of the chest compressions through a sensor in the special CPR-D pads. This function increases a victim's chance of survival from a heart attack. The CPR-D pads consist of one piece. Thanks to this feature, it is almost impossible to misplace them. The pictograms on the AED and the built-in lighting will guide you through the steps you take during the resuscitation.

This is what you'll get:

  • The fully automatic Zoll AED Plus
  • 10 pieces Duracell Lithium batterijen
  • One set Zoll CPR-D padz adult
  • One Zoll AED Plus carrying bag
  • The user manual


Artikelnummer 22300700502011160
Language Dutch
Asystolic sensitivity 100 microvolts
Schock protocol Fixed ascending
Therapeutic range shocks 120-150-200 J
Pacemaker detection No
Type of electrodes Adult & Infant/child
Ease of use
Semi or fully-automatic Fully-automatic
For pediatric usage Pediatric electrodes
Multilingual No
IP value IP55
Certification FDA and CE
Selftest battery capacity Monthly
Seftest capacitor frequency Weekly
Selftest functionality electrodes None
Remote monitoring No
CPR assistance
Metronome Yes
CPR feedback Yes
CPR instruction Yes
Analysis during CPR No
15:2 protocol for CPR to children No
Warranty & lifespan
AED warranty 5 years + 2 optional
Battery lifespan 5 years
Lifespan electrodes 5 years

Added information.

AED Plus fully-automatic. € 1.295,00
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Satisfied customer warranty The AED Specialist > 40.000 AED’s geleverd From € 95 free shipping
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