Heartstart HS1 AED.

The light weight Philips Heartstart HS1 AED is a user friendly semi automatic AED voor less experienced civil responders. The AED gives audio instructions and the electrode cassette makes it easy to stick the electrodes to the body fast. 

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The Philips HS-1 defibrillator (also called Heartstart OnSite) is a safe, reliable and very user friendly semi automatic AED device. In just one push on the green butten or by pulling the handle the AED will start working. The clear instructions (by means of spoken text and a metronome) accompany a civil servent while providing the resuscitation. Is the responder faster than the AED? In that case the automatic intructions will adjust to this speed. 

The small and light weight AED device is very user friendly, especially for the les experienced civil servants. The Philips Heartstart HS1 AED is directly usable after deliviry. 

This is what you'll get:

  • The Philips Hearstart HS1 AED
  • One set Philips Heartstart OnSite (HS1) electrodes
  • One Philips Heartstart battery
  • The Philips HS1 carrying bag
  • The user manual


Artikelnummer M5066AACU
Ease of use
Semi or fully-automatic Semi-automatic
For pediatric usage Pediatric electrodes
Multilingual No
IP value IP21
Certification FDA
Selftest battery capacity Daily
Seftest capacitor frequency Monthly
Selftest functionality electrodes Daily
Remote monitoring No
Schock protocol Set
Therapeutic range shocks 150 J
Warranty & lifespan
Lifespan electrodes 2 years

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Heartstart HS1 AED. € 1.289,00
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Satisfied customer warranty The AED Specialist > 30.000 AED’s delivered From € 50 free shipping
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