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CPR Manikins & Anti Choking trainer.

CPR Manikins are developped for students to train providing CPR as realistic possible. The training manikins are available in different types to practise performing CPR on different types of victims. The Prestan training manikins at AED Solutions are suitable for practising both Basic Life Support (BLS), Pediatric Basic Life Support (PBLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). The lightweight manikins are very suitable for training pupils, civil helpers or company emergency personnel. The Act Fast Anti Chocking trainer is a unique designed vest for practising the actions to take when someone chokes, including the abdominal thrust maneuver (Heimlich). 

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Prestan Ultralite Pistons with feedback 4-pack € 140,00 In stock
Prestan CPR Manikin infant dark skin € 175,00 In stock
Prestan CPR Manikin child dark skin € 199,00 In stock
Prestan CPR Manikin adult dark skin € 199,00 Out of stock
Prestan CPR Manikin Jaw-Thrust € 229,50 In stock
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Prestan 2000 series add-on kit 4-pack € 480,00 In stock
Prestan CPR Manikin Ultralite 4-pack with feedback € 505,00 In stock
Prestan Collection Pack € 515,00 In stock
Prestan Diversity kit infant 4-pack € 660,00 € 559,00 Out of stock
Prestan Diversity kit child 4-pack € 755,00 € 639,00 In stock
Prestan Diversity kit adult 4-pack € 755,00 € 639,00 In stock
Prestan CPR Manikin infant dark skin 4-pack € 660,00 Out of stock

CPR manikins with unique feedback function

The realistic feeling CPR manikins are available with and without feedbackfunction. When the feedbackfunction is present and stwitched on, the students will receive CPR feedback immidiately about the compression depth and frequency. When it's necessary, the effectiveness of the resucitation can therefore be improved immidiately. The practise manikins are available in different sizes. There are a infant CPR manikin, child CPR torso and adult CPR torso. In addition, the adult CPR torso is also available as Ultralite edition, 2000 series and with a jaw-thrust head, for realistically practising the jaw thrus maneuver. 

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