CR Plus AED trainer.

In 2019 the manufacturer Stryker has stopped the production of the LIFEPAK CR Plus. As a result, a few years later the also stopped making the Lifepak CR Plus AED trainer, the trainer is now also not available for sale anymore. 

To keep on practising using your current AED trainer, the training electrodes are still available

Are you looking for a (universal) alternative, check out the Prestan AED trainers.

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The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED trainer is the training model of the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED. The options and features are similar to the CR plus whereby the shock is simulated only. The electrodes of the LIFEPAK CR Plus trainer can be used on every type of CPR manikins and can be used multiple times due to the special adhesive layer. Furthermore the remote control can be used to change the protocol or settings during the practise, making it possible to practise multiple scenario's trustworthy. 

The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED trainer is delivered ready to use and has a 1-year fabric warranty. 

This is what you'll get:

  • The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED trainer
  • Original carrying bag
  • Remote control
  • Cover plate for fully automatic scenarios
  • Set training electrodes, with 5 sets replacement pads
  • Batteries: 4x D (trainer) en 2x AAA (remote control)
  • User manual


Artikelnummer 11250-000075
Ease of use
Semi or fully-automatic Semi-automatic Fully-automatic
For pediatric usage Pediatric electrodes
Multilingual Yes

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