Heartstart FRx baby/child-key.

The Philips Heartstart FRx infant/child key lowers the power level of the released shocks for pediatric victims after it's inserted. 

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You don't need a seperate set of children's electrodes anymore with this infant/child key. The key adjusts the power level allowing you tu use the regulare adult electrodes. This infan/child key is only suitable for use with the Philips Heartsart FRx and is for childeren with a body weight less than 25 kg or up to 8 years. By using the infant/child key, the power release will be limitted to 50 Joule causing that the chance of collateral damage for pediatric victims decreases. 

How does it work?

When the infant/child key is inserted, the Heartstart FRx will decrease the power of the released shocks automatically to 50 Joules and the given instructions are suitable for a resuscitation on infants and children. 


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Heartstart FRx baby/child-key. € 113,50
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Satisfied customer warranty The AED Specialist > 30.000 AED’s delivered From € 30 free shipping
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