2000 series add-on kit 4-pack.

The Prestan 2000 series add-on kit allows you to upgrade your current Prestan professional adult CPR manikin to a 2000 series. Meaning that het CPR mainik can also be connected to the Prestan CPR-app and give complete feedback about the resuscitation skills. The add-on kit is available as 4-pack to upgrade your current adult CPR manikin 4-pack. 

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You can make 4 prestan professional CPR manikins in a 4-pack Prestan 2000 series CPR manikins using the add-on kit 4-pack. With all the feedback possibilities that come along via the Prestan app. The add-on kit consists of an adapted feedback monitor and a custom feedback mechanism with the Bluetooth option for the Prestan CPR app in there. The feedback monitor replaces the current monirot in the shoulder of the manikin. The cable that can be connected to the adapter of the lung bags now is attached to the monitor. Instead of the clicker-mechanism now comes a clicker with bulti in audible signal, which is even more clear to hear during practise. In addition, the 4-pack add-on kit comes including 50 lung bags for the Prestan 2000 adult, allowing you to immidiately start practising including feedback on the ventilationa after installation. 

By upgrading your currrent CPR manikin using the 2000 series add-on kit, the CPR manikin now can be used for both basic life support and advanced life support training. The add-on kit is custom made for the Prestan professional adult and can be used on CPR manikins from building year 2018.

This is what you'll get:

  • 4-pack Prestan 2000 series add-on kit
  • 50 lung bags Prestan 2000 adult


Artikelnummer RPP-AAOK2000-4
Manikin type
Manikin type Adult Package

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2000 series add-on kit 4-pack. € 575,00
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