CPR Manikin child.

The Prestan child CPR torso is a qualitative and affordable CPR torso for practising a resuscitation. The skin of the CPR torso feels almost real and the torso is suprisingly light which makes is very easy to cary multiple training material at the same time. 

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The really economic friendly Prestan CPR torso is developed to learn a student perform resuscitation with the right strenght and frequency of the chest compressions. Prestan CPR manikins are very light, especially compared to other brands, which makes it easier to carry multiple manikins at once. Besides, the manikins looks and feels very realistic. The Prestan CPR torso child meets all requirements from the FDA and the ERC.

Revolutionary feedback system

Prestan has developed a unique feedback system consisting of a feedback monitor for feedback on the compression rate and a clicker mechanism for determining the correct compression depth. The feedback system provides feedback on compression depth and compression rate using coloured lights. When the compression rate is too low (below 100), the orange light will light up. At the correct compression rate (between 100-120), two green lights will appear. At a rate greater than 120 compressions, a flashing orange light will appear. The clicker mechanism makes a clicking sound when the correct depth is reached.

This is what you'll get:

  • 1 portable Prestan child torso
  • 1 set of child lung bags, 10 pieces 
  • 1 nylon carrying bag Prestan child
  • 1 user manual



Artikelnummer PP-CM-100M-MS
Warranty & lifespan
Warranty 3 years
Manikin type
Manikin type Child
Certification FDA and CE

Added information.

Geschikt maken Prestan reanimatietorso's voor Oranje Kruis examen.pdf Prestan catalogus.pdf
CPR Manikin child. € 249,00
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