Feedback monitor adult.

The blue feedback monitor for the Prestan adult CPR manikin. 


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This replacement feedback monitor for the adult CPR manikin allows you to upgrade your own CPR manikin really easy. 

Th Prestan Feedback monitor is equipped with LED-lighting. The student receives immidiate feeback about the compression depth and frequency. When the compression rate is to low (below 100) the orange light will shine. At the right compression rate (between 100-120) two green lights will show. When the compression rate is too high (over 120) a blinking orange light appears. 

Unique feedback system

  • Inlcuding LED-lighting
  • Student receives feedback about compression depth and frequency.
  • Compression rate too low = orange light
  • Compression rate right = two green lights
  • NEW: Compression rate too high = blinking orange light


Artikelnummer RPP-AMON-1
Manikin type
Manikin type Adult
Certification FDA and CE

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Feedback monitor adult. € 39,00
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