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Combination packs CPR.

In the world of CPR training, the combinations between a CPR manikin and an AED trainer are very valuable. The chance of survivel after a resuscitation increases significantly with the use of an AED, therefore it is very important that the student learns to use a defibrillitor in addition to learn providing CPR. As a manufacturer of both CPR manikins and universal AED trainers, Prestan can easily respond to this extensive need by supplying combination packages. 

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Combinatiepackages for groups of any size

Depending on the wishes are combination packages available containing one manikin and one trainer, but als packages with multiple manikins and trainers to give lessons for bigger groups. In addition, the Prestan AED trainers are equipped with a 30:2 protocol for adults and a 15:2 chilren's CPR protocol. By using the Prestan AED trainers in combination with the infant or child CPR manikins will the infant/child resuscitation be practised as realistically possible. To use thes abbilities, have a look at the combination packages containing an infant or child manikin or for even more extensive training courses, the combination with multiple manikins and one or more AED trainers.  

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